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Farseer is a startup project from Kod Biro that has been around from the very beginnings of our company. We're proud to announce that we have entered the open beta phase. Request your free instance now and plan the future of your business.

What is it?

Farseer is a business planning tool that enables companies to easily create various business models and simulate their effects on overall business performance. It works great with bigger teams, as larger groups of people can be included in the planning process.

Technology stack

Farseer is built on some of the best web technologies available today. For lightning fast server side we use node.js, and frontend is driven by Facebook's awesome react.js technology. Websockets ensure real time communication between client and server. There are other bits and pieces and lots of custom components developed by Kod Biro to ensure the best UX for our clients.




Cloud based web app



Nautical info service


iOS and Android

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Nautical info service is a new service provided by Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure for mariners in Croatia. It provides all the things needed for safe sailing on the Adriatic Sea - information about the maritime infrastructure, rules of conduct on the sea, geo-located ports, harbors, nautical anchorages etc. One of its the coolest features is the ability to quickly and reliably contact nearest search and rescue services with precise information about the vessel's location if it is in danger. Another one is a detailed weather forecast specifically tailored for mariners and sailors.


nIS is a complex system which involves SAR services, the national weather agency, telecom operators and more. Kod Biro was responsible for the client side of the iOS and Android applications. Apps depend on a lot of backend services to display up to date information on 12 different languages and all of them function offline because there is often no internet access in the open sea. Interactive map with detailed weather data layers and geo-located locations and areas were just some of the challenges we've faced during the development.

nIS Croatia

Augmented reality

Face tracking

We've accumulated quite an expertise in the field of face tracking technologies and implementing them for mobile and web applications. We've worked on projects for clients in beauty, marketing and entertainment industries. Whether you want to look like a celebrity, try out virtual hairstyles or morph your face with bizarre effects, we've got you covered. Besides the technological know-how, we can assist you in the design process for your augmented reality enhanced application.


Using technologies from leading face tracking providers, such as Visage Technologies, we've developed mobile and web apps that augment live images and videos with face masks, hair styles, stickers and real time face morphing effects. Rendering virtual scenery is accomplished by utilizing the Unity 3D engine, OpenGl and writing our own custom shaders.


iOS, Android and Web


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