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Nautical info service

Mobile application for mariners in the Adriatic.

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Augmented reality

We've specialized in developing face tracking solutions for mobile platforms.

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This is a startup project developed in Kod Biro. Farseer is a cloud based business modelling, forecasting and planning tool. It greatly improves planning processes in enterprise environments.

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About us

We are a startup, software development agency and technology enthusiasts helping clients materialise their products on mobile and web platforms.

Use GitHub Pages as your own maven repository

In this blog post we'll explain the process of setting up the GitHub as your maven type repository for all of your projects dependencies. As an example project, we'll use the KBImageView library that we developed. It's a beefed up Android ImageView which adjusts its aspect ratio according to the

Reducing the size of Android .apk

After hundreds of hours of coding you are finally ready to ship your app to the Google play. You have created your .apk and started to upload it to the market and then... Your best friend Google smacks you in the face and tells you your .apk is too large?